There are many people who say that music is a banal class and a simple way to get credits, but the truth is that they were all right, the music class was basically made to get some free credits, all you have to do is to learn an instrument, do you knew some people relate learning an instrument to learning a language, so I think everybody should knew how to play at least one instrument since we all speak the same language, right? 

After you learn to play an instrument that will probably take you only 5 years to be confident enough and also you got learn how to read and write music for you to start thinking about doing some concerts, and all you have to do is play some songs for a crowd of 5o or more people which is easy as.

and also you have to… oh was that too much or maybe too difficult? Well that is because music is not a simple subject, yeah that is right music is definitely not a easy subject, and is there is nothing on it thats I could say is easy, for exemple, I have being studying acoustic guitar since I was 8 and there is steal things that I have to improve , for music no matter how much you try, there is stall more for you to learn or improve     

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