21st June 2018

Application Letter

Dear Mrs.**

My name is Pedro Araujo, I am writing this letter to apply for an additional Scholarship, I come from Brazil and I am fascinated by everything that involves music, I am a musician with a lot of stage experience, I am a lead singer and my main instruments are acoustic guitar and bass guitar. In my family we started to study music from a very young age, my father, for example, started to study his first instrument (acoustic guitar) at 10, already in my case I started singing on a professional stage when I was 6, and since then I have studied singing and expanded my knowledge on several different instruments.

One moment in time

Main acoustic guitarist of the viral video “SOFA SONG 2018 in celebration of NZ music month” with close to ten thousand views, it was the second year that MAC did the Sofa Concert.

What being a musician means for me

Music was always being the most important thing to me, because even in a family full of musicians, I still stood out as a singer, also for me is the best way for me to showing what I fell and showing my point of view of the world . and since very young I have always had a very different view of the world compared to other people, my whole life is moved by music.

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